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2015 was like this…

In 2015, I did not realize myself professionally, I did not go out at night, I did not eat anything extraordinary, I have not been to any good restaurant, because I always needed to save money. This year I just did not have the comfort of my home, I slept in over 80 different beds, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes even with fear.

I had options as different accommodations with shower above the vase, vase on the floor, with music, without sink in the bathroom, no sink int the kitchen and even a frog in the bathroom. In 2015, I spent much of its time trying to guess what it was looking for food or desire to eat something that was not nearly what I liked.

This year, I had to go a thousands of times to the supermarket, since we could never leftover food, since we were always changing our home. Later this year, I had to fight with drivers, negotiating with vendors and give up to do some things because the Brazilian economy almost crushed us.

This year, I did not have my parents close or my closest friends and, for a long time, people who speak the same language as me. This year I did not exercise and I did not go to the hairdresser, I had to take care of me by myself.

This year I haven’t used high heels, my foot’s cracked up to an unimaginable level, not wear fancy clothes and not been to any event. This year, I had no salary. This year I hardly knew what day of the week was, what was the month and if it was a holiday or not… telling the truth, hardly knew what time It was. I lost all holidays: Carnival, Easter, Independence day, anniversaries and birthdays. But even so, this was the happiest year of my life!

My migraines decreased and I did not need, nor was any time to the doctor. I discovered other flavors (however that has not liked all), other possibilities, I met many wonderful people who became friend in my heart and also rediscovered friends who I had not seen for years.

Many cultures, landscapes, cities and countries that I’ve never imagined I would ever have met and revisited so many that I love with passion. I overcome the barriers of fatigue, distance, pain and often anger. I was stubborn, but I was back.

I reinvented myself, I got hope from the Internet, I talked to who I loved and I never felt far, despite being thousands of kilometers away from Brazil. I saw that Brazil has good things, but by far needs to improve a lot and I saw that we can always do something and not just complain.

Even without exercise, I had a healthy year swimming, running and walking, taking weight, up and down stairs, or boats, or paddling in a kayak. I had the craziest New Year of three days, in the year of 2558 in Thailand. I saw the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnamese war, I lived twice the same day, i was  in Prague and It was a holiday and I haven’t even known what it was.

It’s 2015, it will be remembered by many people who will complain about it, but to me you were the best year of my life! I lived in one year what I never thought I would live in a lifetime! I’ll be saying you bye, 2015, and I know that I will never forget you and you will be forever in my memory!

Tatiane Antonovz, 2015!